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Gold Lead Generation

Product Price



What’s in It:

  • Facebook Ads or Tiktok Ad plus Google Ads(optional)
  • $995 Ad Management (Preferably)
  • Require 3 months of Commitment
  • $500 minimum ad spend
  • Lead funnel design
  • Ad design
  • Ad copywriting
  • Customer targeting and lookalike setup and retargeting
  • Conversion tracking
  • Call tracking
  • No contract required
  • Huge Bonuses ($5000 Value):

  • Huge Bonus #1: Reputation Management ($1500/month value to get you good reviews from your customers)
  • Huge Bonus #2: Request Quote Button on Your Google My Business ($500 Value/Capture leads as soon as possible Every Time and Make Google Love You)
  • Huge Bonus #3: Build a Chat Widget on Your Website and Connect it to Your Email Client ($500 Value) at No Charge to You.
  • Huge Bonus #4: Website and Search Engine Optimization Report and Roadmap to Get Many Free Lead From Every Week ($2500 Value/Include On-Page-SEO Optimization)