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Zynaptiq - Audio software based on artificial intelligence technology. Audio Sound Image Picture Music


State of the art audio resturation services, spectral analyzing, spectral reconstruction, speech enhancement, continous or variable noise reduction with adaptive filters, spectral editing and sonic sculpting, harmonic enhancement, advanced phase manipulation and psichoacoustic techniques, polynomial… Audio Forensic Sound Acoustic Spectral

dGB Earth Sciences - Innovative Seismic Interpretations Solutions

dGB Earth Sciences is a company that provides innovative seismic software interpretation solutions to the oil & gas Industry Dgb Earth Sciences OpendTect Seismic

Discover Applied Analysis Inc.

Applied Analysis Inc. develops solutions for customers seeking to extract operational information from overhead spectral imagery acquired by satellites and aircraft. AAI develops techniques, algorithms, and software to support our clients. Remote Sensing Spectral Image Exploitation

FTIR spectra, IR spectra libraries

FTIR spectra. IR spectra databases, IR spectra libraries. FT-IR libraries FTIR Spectra Infrared Spectral Library

Introduction to PARISS Hyperspectral Microscopy| The PARISS Hyperspectral Imaging System

The PARISS Hyperspectral Microscopy system is a microscope accessory that acquires the spectral characteristics of biological and industrial materials in a heterogeneous field of view. After spectral classification and analysis the PARISS software performs spectral segmentation and mapping. Hyperspectral Microscopy Hyper Spectral Imaging

Augenarzt Dr. Georg Niepel, Stolberg/Rhld.

Augenarzt Dr. Georg Niepel, Stolberg/Rhld. Medizinische Infos zu Augenkrankheiten und deren Vermeidung/Vorsorge/Früherkennung/Behandlung: Glaukom/Grüner Star, Katarakt/Grauer Star, Netzhautablösung, Schielen, Kindliche Sehschwäche, VEP, OCD, GDx, spectral-domain-3-D-OCT etc. Niepel Georg Augenarzt Augenheilkunde Augen

Paranormale.Com - dal 2001 discutiamo di paranormale

Fenomeni paranormali, forum sui fenomeni paranormali e misteri, articoli, fotografie e tanto altro sull'inspiegabile. Paranormale Com Fenomeni Paranormali Fantasmi

PERCH Solutions: PERCH Solutions & NMR Software

PERCH Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bruker BioSpin GmbH and provides NMR software and services for NMR spectral analysis. PERCH Solutions Ltd. offers scientific software, research and consultation services. The main product PERCH NMR Software is a tool for automation of NMR spectral analysis,… NMR Software Consulting Spectral Analysis

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