Doggie Diamonds / Designing Threads- Custom Products for the Dog Lover & Everyone Else!

Doggie Diamonds & Designing Threads. Custom Made Products for the Dog Lover & Everyone Else. 1,000+ breed poses printed or embroidered on over 50 products in 138 breeds. Plenty of embroidery designs for non-dog people too! Dog Gifts Gift Items Animal

Faking News - leading news satire website of India

Faking News is the leading Indian news satire and humor website. It contains cutting edge satire on political and social scenario of India. Faking News Leading Satire India

Internet Bumper Stickers® funny bumper stickers, sarcastic bumper stickers, political bumper stickers…

Internet Bumper Stickers® – virtual bumper stickers for your blog, Facebook, Twitter, e–messages, web site or anywhere online. Give the world a little piece of your mind! They're FREE, so stick one! Bumper Stickers Sticker Bumperstickers Internet

Fina's Escape

Queen of Smut Fina Escape Queen Smut Livejournal

Shadesbreath on HubPages

Shadesbreath is the sarcastic alter ego of John Daulton, author of the Amazon top 10 best selling science fiction and fantasy novel The Galactic... Shadesbreath Hubpages Sarcastic Ego John

Shoebox Cards

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