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Cars, tech, biz, dogs. Never sarcastic. Tim Trampedach Cars Tech Dogs

Say it!

Funny cards to post for free. Funny Cards Post Ecards Blunt

Bollywood Fashion Police on

Witty, sarcastic and always unbiased commentary on the fashion flubs and faux pas of Bollywood celebs! Bollywood Fashion Police Witty Sarcastic

Doggie Diamonds / Designing Threads- Custom Products for the Dog Lover & Everyone Else!

Doggie Diamonds & Designing Threads. Custom Made Products for the Dog Lover & Everyone Else. 1,000+ breed poses printed or embroidered on over 50 products in 138 breeds. Plenty of embroidery designs for non-dog people too! Dog Gifts Gift Items Animal

Drew Emborsky Home : Drew Emborsky

Drew Emborsky has gone from unknown crafter to world-famous lifestyle guru in just a few short years. Fans know him from his many published books on crochet and knit, PBS television show, blog, line of products distributed wordlwide, and his hand-dyed yarns. Handwritten Pen Paper Notecards Artcards

Exit / In

The sarcastic soul of Nashville's rock club, and favorite venue painted black! Exit Sarcastic Soul Nashville Rock

Funny Quotes, Author Quotes and Quotes from Famous Celebrities

Said what is an online database of quotes and quotations, covering politics, celebrities, models, famous quotations and topical articles, competitions Funny Quotes Phrases Quotations Amusing

Sarcastic Sarcasms

A blog about Sarcasm, humor, fun, laughter, happiness, sadness and excitement. Sarcastic Sarcasm's Sarcasm Humor Fun

The Glamorous Life Glamorous Life Sarcastic Slightly Self

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