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Bollywood Fashion Police on

Witty, sarcastic and always unbiased commentary on the fashion flubs and faux pas of Bollywood celebs! Bollywood Fashion Police Witty Sarcastic Caitlin Says Sports Popular Culture

Doggie Diamonds / Designing Threads- Custom Products for the Dog Lover & Everyone Else!

Doggie Diamonds & Designing Threads. Custom Made Products for the Dog Lover & Everyone Else. 1,000+ breed poses printed or embroidered on over 50 products in 138 breeds. Plenty of embroidery designs for non-dog people too! Dog Gifts Gift Items Animal

Internet Bumper Stickers® funny bumper stickers, sarcastic bumper stickers, political bumper stickers…

Internet Bumper Stickers® – virtual bumper stickers for your blog, Facebook, Twitter, e–messages, web site or anywhere online. Give the world a little piece of your mind! They're FREE, so stick one! Bumper Stickers Sticker Bumperstickers Internet

Justin's Whirled Headlines (News Satire, Witticisms, General Silliness)

A sarcastic assault on the news of the world, punctuated with semi-interactive shenanigans and the Dan Quayle quote archives. Updated more often than is truly necessary. Sarcasm Sarcastic Humorous Funny Cynical

Sarcastic Voyage

a unique, interconnected world of comedy sketches, serials and radio plays. Sarcastic Voyage Unique Interconnected World Sarcastic Xtian Observations Church Culture

Videogame Recaps

Videogame Recaps -- Where videogames and sarcasm meet. RPGs RPG Videogames Video Games

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