Circulatory Technology Inc produces medical devices for cardiovascular perfusion.

Circulatory Technology Inc. produces medical devices for cardiovascular surgery. This site contains products that improve the safety and efficacy of surgery and lower its cost. Roller Pump Surgery Cardiac Cardiovascular

PERFUSION.COM is the world's largest and most comprehensive resource for topics related to cardiovascular perfusion, blood management and platelet therapy. Here at, we are continually striving to provide the most current resources and information on all aspects of the perfusion and the… Perfusionist Perfusion Platelet Gel Amsect

Trident Health Resources, Inc. - Home

Trident Health Resources, Inc. is a national leader providing perfusion staffing for hospital open heart programs. We provide temporary and long-term contracted perfusion staffing services including ECMO and blood management. Perfusion Service Services Perfusionist Perfusionists

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