Precision Technology Services - BE Retainer

Be Free with Precision Technology Services (PTS), a manufacturer of the optimal orthokeratology BE retainer incorporating SqueezeFilm technology, the overnight vision correction solution for myopia that delivers daytime vision without the need for glasses, contact lenses or laser surgery. We also distribute… Precision Technology Services Pts Laser Gmt Connection Close Transfer Encoding

Myopia Manual

An unbiased and (rather) complete overview of all the reasons and therapies for myopia, and related info, recommendations and conclusions Myopia Myopic Shortsighted Nearsighted Shortsightedness

MYOPIA * Prevention and Control.

An extensive site for anyone interested in slowing myopia (nearsightedness); What causes myopia, action plans for myopia prevention, over 200 supporting reference articles, patents, clinical trials and other detailed information. Myopia Eye Myopic Progresssion Contact

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