antique wood flooring & wide plank flooring recycled and made from old reclaimed woods and barn…

Specialists in reclaimed antique wide plank flooring, recycled from historic buildings, built in and around the turn of the century. Compliment your flooring with our hand hewn beams, antique weathered siding and rustic wood panelling. Hardwood Floor Installation Post And Beam Aged Antique Woods Aged Woods Antique Windows Patio Doors Willoughby Kitchen

Box & Lumber Company | Cutler Bros.

A leading vertically integrated wooden pallet manufacturer and recycler, providing innovative solutions to our diverse customer base. Pallets in New Jersey Pallets Recycled Pallet Reconditioned Industrial

Ferdinand Hamsen Holz- und Furnierhandlung

Die Firma Ferdinand Hamsen ist in der 4. Generartion im Handel mit hochwertigen Furnieren und Schnitthölzern für den Innenausbau tätig. Wir bevorraten Furniere, Starkschnittfurniere und Schnittholz. Furnier Holzbearbeitung Furniere Holz Schnittholz

Lumber & Plywood, Wholesale, Retail, Export. George Kellett & Sons.

Lumber & plywood, wholesale, retail, export. We are stocking distributors of Hoover Fire Retardant treated wood products, Boise Cascade engineered wood products including LVL & I-Joists & much more. Lumber Plywood Treated Joists Lvl

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