Black Grooves

Black Grooves is a music review site hosted by the Archives of African American Music and Culture at Indiana University. Black Grooves African American Music - Your 80's Modern Soul, Funk & Boogie Source -

Welcome to, your source for 80's Modern Soul, funk and Boogie records. Modern Soul Funk Boogie Rare

Dudu Tucci - Percussionist; Workshops für brasilianische und afrobrasilianische Percussion; Tonstudio

Dudu Tucci - Percussionist; Workshops für brasilianische und afrobrasilianische Percussion - Samba, Batucada, Pagode, Afro-Samba, Samba-Raggae, Candomblé, Funk, Timbalada-Rhythmen, Maracatu, Baião, Afoxé, Latin-Grooves Workshop Brazil Percussion Brasil Workshops

Houston's Premier Resource for Quality Entertainment -

Houston's premiere resource for live bands,entertainment and event solutions. From major events to private parties... From single entertainers to major stars... We bring you the music live. Houston bands and entertainers on-line promo and demo materials available. Entertainment Houston Texas Live Music

EPM Music | Your partner for online distribution, pr promotion, rights management & more - Home

EPM promotes, markets and distributes electronic music around the world. From the digital distribution of artist and label new releases and back catalogue to hundreds of stores across the globe EPM is perfectly placed to help labels and artists maximize their digital revenue potential. Established in… Digital Distribution Music Online Promotion

forward bound

Casper maintains this site dedicated to the deeper styles of drum and bass. Check out record samples, reviews, profiles, the mailing list + more. Forward Bound Drum Bass Casper


人には無数の未来への可能性があり、そこへ導く「きっかけ」がある。Groovesは、その人にあったベストな未来への「きっかけ」を、テクノロジーの力で引き寄せる、リクルーティングプラットフォームベンチャーです。 Grooves 人には無数の未来への可能性があり、そこへ導く「きっかけ」がある。groovesは、その人にあったベストな未来への「きっかけ」を、テクノロジーの力で引き寄せる、リクルーティングプラットフォームベンチャーです。 Moved Permanently Cloudfront

muboo - music and books

seltene Schallplatten in sehr guten Zustand zu guten Preisen, second-hand vinyl in very good condition for low-budget Gebraucht Gebrauchte Second Hand Secondhand Used

Read || Between || The || Grooves on

A music blog run by a fan, for the fans. Between Grooves Music Run Fan

Sonic Virtual Media - sample libraries, virtual instruments, software synths and plugins

Online ordering facilities for an extensive range of sample libraries for all major hardware samplers plus several Mac and Windows formats. Exclusive importer and distributor of Spectrasonics, Ilio, Vienna Symphonic Library and Bardstown Audio sample libraries for the Australia, New Zealand and Pacific… Sonic Virtual Media Svm Australia

Vinyl - old-school funk, Latin percussion, reggae and R&B

The infectious music of the band Vinyl blends old-school funk, Latin percussion, reggae and R&B into signature instrumental California grooves. California Grooves Funk Latin Music

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