Latin - Roman to Cyrillic alphabet online text converter, translation, search engine. Писане на…

Here you can write in cyrillic (Bulgarian, Russian) using a latin (Roman) phonetic keyboard, fully customizable. The most adaptable online text converter. Тук можете да пишете на кирилица с латинска клавиатура. Най-известния и удобен онлайн… Converter Convertor Convert Cyrillic Alphabet

4th february

Fonts designed by Sergiy S. Tkachenko Fonts Font Commercial WinALL Bladi

Davar Web Site (Comp-Sci, Progr, MF, C/S, PC, Internet, Math, Go, Zen, Quotes, Extracts, Humor, Russian)…

Page: Davar Web Site. Site: Davar Web Site, Computer Science, Programming, Mainframe, Client/Server, PC, Internet, Mathematics, Go, Zen, Quotations, Extracts, Humor, Russian. Davar Web Site Computer Science

Fingertip Software

Fonts, software, and keyboards for multilingual computing Fingertip Software Windows Bilingual Multilingual

KOI8-R - Russian Net Character Set

Per-platform Russification and Russian HTML writing guide related to KOI8-R Russian Net Character Set. Corresponding i18n standards described. Interactive browsers testing. Cyrillic fonts. Russification Standards Encoding Localization Fonts

Nota Bene

Nota Bene: Integrated software for writers, academics, researchers, and scholars.  Combines multilingual  word processing, text searching and retrieval, bibliographic  management, and database management as a single program Nota Bene Notabene Scholar Scholars

Mike Wright's Home Page

Subjects include Macintosh software, digital cameras, Bluegrass guitar, Buddhism, how to use self-hypnosis to quit smoking, and languages Flatpick Guitar Quit Smoking Stop

Slovo - Slavic Text Processing and Typography

How to set up your PC for Slavic and Cyrillic languages Slovo Slavic Processing Typography Cyrillic

The Uyghur - English Dictionary Project

An Uyghur to English Etymological Dictionary. Provides multiscript search functions using Latin-Script Uyghur, Arabic-Script Uyghur, Cyrillic-Script Uyghur and English. Uyghur is also spelt Uighur, Uygur, Uigur, Weiwuer. Uyghur Uighur Alphabet Language Script

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