CORAT, Publishers of Theological, Management, Croquet & Gardening Books

Publishers and suppliers of books written by Peter Rudge including theological, management, gardening & croquet books. Free downloads available Corat Transfiguration Human Knowledge Book

Delamere Pennine Associates - International Business & Marketing Consultants.

Delamere-Pennine Associates have been in existence for over 40 years and our ‘modus operandi’ includes various business services to the entrepreneur and small business community. These services include preparation of business plans, guidance on sources for business loans and finance, services to international… Global Trade Delemere Pennine Associates

本サイトは,元 東京大学情報学環学際情報学府 西垣研究室のメンバーを中心とした,基礎情報学およびネオ・サイバネティクスの研究紹介,論考発表のサイトです。 基礎情報学 ネオ・サイバネティクス オートポイエーシス 生命記号論 メディオロジー

The Evolution of Ethics .htm

The Evolution of Ethics constructs a conceptual bridge between biology and human behavior. This is accomplished by examining the cultural and biological feedback systems that inspires the evolution of social rules. In theory, a cybernetic process is at the heart of developing ethical systems. This process… Evolutionary Ethics Cybernetics Cybernetic Evolution

Malik - wholistic, cybernetic management

Malik is the first and only company for wholistic general management, leadership and advanced governance solutions. We are partners of globally active market leaders, institutions and governments. Corporate Governance Management Consulting Systems

Melvin Powers Wilshire Book Company - Home Page

Melvin Powers Wilshire Book Company publishes contemporary and classic Self-Help and Motivational books. Melvin Powers Marcia Wilshire Book

MRISAR; International Robotic, Science & Custom Interactive Exhibit Sales, Rentals, Media, Event…

MRISAR; International Robotic, Science & Custom Interactive Exhibit Sales, Rentals, Media, Event & Educational Services! We design and fabricate innovative, artistic, technological exhibits and exhibitions that are featured in world class centers, museums and events! Experienced with Cybernetics,… MRISAR John Siegel Victoria Croasdell

Technology, Knowledge & Society Research Network

The Technology, Knowledge & Society Research Network: Exploring innovative theories and practices that relate technology to society. Technology Knowledge And Society Community

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