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Dapfor Wpf and Winforms grids, grouping, 50000 updates/sec. Low CPU and memory consumption.

Realtime features: grouping, sorting, filtering, cell highlighting. Performance > 50000 updates/sec, 3000 sorts/sec. XML and binary serialization. Custom editors and templates Grid Gridcontrol DataGrid Net CLR

Genetologic Research Genetologic Research Gmt Rel Https Gmt Rel Https API Shortlink - The SQL Server blog spot on the web

SQL Blog - Blogs about SQL Server, T-SQL, CLR, Service Broker, Integration Services, Reporting, Analysis Services, Business Intelligence, XML, SQL Scripts, best practices, database development, database administration, and programming SQL Blog Sqlblog Server Blogs

This web site is devoted to Microsoft SQL Server content, CLR Integration, high availability, performance tuning and optimization, troubleshooting and tips Microsoft SQL Server CLR Integration

news the .net way

WinInsider - IT News about Windows (7/8/RT), .NET, Microsoft, XBox, Office 13, Visual Studio, etc... with 5-to-15 news postings from variety of respected and trusted news sources. Cool forum; great site design, PDA access; NetAgent that notifies you about news postings, so you do not have to search… Windows News Office Surface Phone

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