American Boom & Barrier Corporation (ABBCO), Cape Canaveral, Florida

American Boom & Barrier Corporation (ABBCO) is a 35 year old, privately held company in Cape Canaveral, Florida, manufacturer and designer of oil spill ABBCo Boom Oil Turbidity Barrier

Absorbents, Absorbents Materials, and Other Absorbent Needs

Absorbent products and absorbent materials are our specialty. We are dedicated to providing the best absorbent products at the best value, and taking care of all your oil spill absornant needs, and other absorbent material needs. Absorbent King Absorbant Mat Booms

HTP, an oil encapsulator breakout working on wet or dry surfaces

HTP - An all natural product that complete encapsulates and solidifies oil, fuel, and other petroleum products on contact, whether on water, marshlands, wetlands, snow, ice, or dry ground. Organic Htp Natural Spill Cleanup

The ARK Enterprises

green environmentally friendly oil absorbents Green Oil Absorbent Absorbents Pads

Plastic Barrels & Drums As Low As $29.95 at

wholesale prices on commercial grade plastic drums,plastic barrels, water barrels, rain barrels, plastic water barrel, plastic water drum,plastic pail, water test kit, Pails,rain barrels,plastic pump,IBC,plastic drums,plastic barrels,drum heaters. Plastic Barrel Drums Purogene Bung

Quick Rust Removal | Rust Preventative - Oil Absorbents - Rust Dissolver | Rust Remover Products Chicago

Fluid Environmental: Rust Remover Chicago. We are auto rust removal specialist. Use our industrial rust removal and other rust remover products. We also sell oil eating microbes & oil absorbents. Rust Removal Remover Chicago Quick

Manufacture of Absorbent Materials, Decarbite, CO2 Absorbents, Absorbents For The Removal of Carbon…

P.W. Perkins Co., is the sole manufacture of absorbent materials called Decarbite® Granules for 100% removal of co2 carbon dioxide from chemical gas streams. Perkins is in the business of formulating co2 scrubbers, co2 getters and absorbent material removers. Our co2 absorbent product is non-hazardous,… Manufacture Absorbent Materials Decarbite Reg

Richmond Industrial Supply Co. Inc. -- (800) 521-0529

Full line industrial supply house. Top brand names and leading manufacturers. Abrasive Abrasives Absorbents Adhesive Anchorlube

Superabsorbents, super absorbent fibres, nonwoven fabrics, yarns, tapes | Technical Absorbents

Super absorbents fibre, superabsorbent nonwovens airlaid, needlefelt, needlepunch, yarns and tapes for medical, advanced woundcare, filtration, hygiene, cable, horticulture, apparel, super absorbants Superabsorbents Super Absorbents Superabsorbants Water

Texas Technologies, Packaging, Desiccants & Cleanroom Supplies

Texas Technologies, Supplier of Cleanroom Supplies, Packaging Sealing Equipment, Desiccants And Absorbents, Container Dri II. Humidity Indicator Cards & Plugs, Moisture Barrier Bags as well as Cleanroom Poly, Cleanroom Nylon, Cleanroom Foam and Cleanroom Foil. Vapor-phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI)… Texas Technologies Cleanroom Supplies Packaging

All Purpose Absorbent | Boulder, CO

MetaMatrix in Boulder, Colorado, designs, manufactures, and sells a patented, all purpose absorbent called ZORBENT. All Purpose Absorbent Spill Control

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