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The Acronym Database (AcronymDB) is the definitive resource for definitions of acronyms and abbreviations - a complete acronym dictionary with an extensive acronym finder. Acronym Database Acronymdb Definitive Resource

All Acronyms Dictionary

User-friendly acronyms and abbreviations dictionary. All Acronyms helps to define acronym meaning or best ways to abbreviate a word or a phrase. Acronyms Abbreviations Acronym Dictionary Abbreviation

Automotive thesaurus, concordance, dictionary, lexicon, glossary, abbreviations, definitions

Automotive thesaurus, concordance, dictionary, lexicon, glossary, abbreviations, definitions Automotive Thesaurus Concordance Dictionary Lexicon

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Instant Text - Textware Solutions

Instant Text from Textware Solutions, a system for very fast text entry, automatic glossaries, abbreviations without memorization, automatic phrase continuations. Instant Text Fast Text Entry Textware Abbreviation System Abbreviations


Free Legal Dictionary. Legal terminology definitions at Legal Dictionary Law Online Free

madrone web site

Madrone Web Site Madrone What’s Past Litters Breeding

Medical Dictionary

The most comprehensive online Medical Dictionary on the web for definitions, abbreviations and medical terms. Medical Dictionary Health Definitions Abbreviations

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Say it short

say it short abbreviation slang , The Web's largest and most slangs resource. Slangs Slang Abbreviations Abbreviation Reference

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